Bread Machine Challah

Special Instructions:
This is best done on the dough setting, so you can
  • make the traditional braid. The order of ingredients
  • is the order I add them to my 1.5 lb Hitachi machine.
  • After the cycle, punch the dough down on a well-floured
  • surface ( the dough is sticky). Divide into 3 parts and
  • roll into long ropes. Braid, let rise about 50 minutes
  • until almost double in size. Bake 25 min in pre-heated
  • 350 degree oven.

    If you want, brush with an egg wash and sprinkle with poppy

  • seeds befor baking. This bread tastes better the next day
  • when completely cool.

    Loaf Size: 1.5

    From: Mary Peters