Spinach bread

Special Instructions:
1) Combine the spinach (along with a minimal amount of the cooking liquid if you have it) with 1/2 cup water. Combine stirring and tearing with your favorite pointed kitchen implements until the spinach is fairly well shredded and the water is thoroughly green. This will produce a tacky texture and a marbled inner appearance. If you prefer a crumb that just _screams_ green, you can use a food processor and puree into a shake instead. 2) Combine the remaining ingredients in the bread pan as mandated by the manual gods, and set to bake on Òwhite.Ó (No, I donÕt think youÕre so stupid I have to include this step - thereÕs more to come.) 3) Check in on the dough after about five minutes. Chances are it wonÕt have the proper consistency, due to the completely unpredictable moisture contribution of the spinach. ItÕs all right if itÕs a bit liquidy, but the ball should be entirely cohesive, take on a smooth coat, and gradually become less sticky. Add water or flour as necessary. When youÕre satisfied, close the lid and leave the machine to its work.

This is the loaf equivalent of spinach fettuccine, with the pillowy texture of commercial whitebread but the tang of the blessed leaf.

Loaf Size: 1

From: Enkidu