SLA Industires

Celebrating 900 Years of Progress


The Department of Information would like to welcome you to SLA Industries' Hypertexed Operative Information Center. The HOIC is expected to serve as a clearinghouse of up-to-the-second information so critical to the mission success of our operatives in the field. We hope you find the HOIC to be a useful part of your BPN assignments no matter what their color.


The Department of Information is seeking operatives with media and communique skills to contribute to the HOIC. The success of this project lies partially within the hands of the operatives themselves. Without their continued input of new information, the HOIC will quickly grow outdated and useless. The World of Progress changes quickly. Help us and your fellow operatives to follow that change by contributing to this project. Thank you.

HOIC Main Menu

Below is a listing of the various topics available at this time. Some topics are darkened indicating that the topic will eventually be covered, but lack of detailed information prevents it from being an active selection at this time (see above notice). The Department of Information would like to take this opertunity to inform readers that this document is rated at SCL 10 and that anyone without such clearance will receive a visit from an Cloak Division agent(s) to discuss the importance of keeping one's eyes from roaming.

SLA Industies Price Guide -- A listing of what's available to operatives and how much it costs.

SLA Industies Policy Info -- A listing of recent changes in policy (rule changes), and/or recent clarifications of company policies (rule errata). All operatives are encouraged to examine this topic carefully because "Ignorace of Corporate Policy is no Excuse".

SLA Industries Forms -- Copies of the most commonly used operative forms are available here in a number of formats. With proper authorization from your Department, that Search Warrant and Extermination Notice you require are just a few keystrokes away.

SLA Industries Profiles -- A look at who's who in the World of Progress and beyond.

SLA Industries Creature Comforts -- New and exciting equipment from the boys and girls in R&D for you to play with.

The Pit -- Belly up to the bar and relate your dashing adventures. Just be ready to put your money where your mouth is. Also a good place to catch up on local news, gossip and find out more about the "hotspots" on Mort.