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Version 1.0 - Punk / HC WWW zine

This was my attempt at a zine. It sorta worked out well, but I got a job at Microsoft. I like my job alot, but it gives me very little free time to do stuff like sleep and eat. So, when I do have free time the last thing I really enjoy doing is ploping myself in front of a computer and geeking out. Also, I have moved to Washington state. Being that I'm new here, I'm a lot less in touch with all that's happening here. Hope you enjoy this. - pogo, Nov 25th

April 22nd - Wow. This is actually going somewhere. I'm having a blast doing this. Thanks so so so so much to the people who have contributed stuff to make this work. 8) - pogo

May 19th - Ok. I'm calling this issue 1.0. I'm graduating in two days and then driving across country. I'm also gonna have to move the zine to another site, as this account is going *pif* by August. So everything after the move will be issue 2.0.

Stuff for Issue 2.0: Madison HC fest and YoYo A GoGo show reviews; pics & stuff from Pete Manchetti from Reno, NV; a better, more readable show list, more disk space to work!

Anyways, here's the shit... - pogo

What's New? - new stuff I've added lately...

Show Reviews

  • Indian Summer, Antioch Arrow, M Blanket, Second Story Window, Gage, The Panic @ Gilman Street, April 9th
  • Hoover, Rain Like the Sound Of Trains, FOE @ WPI, April 15th
  • Dambuilders, Slant 6, Mag McLaughlin @ T.T. the Bears, April 16th
  • aArdvark emporium @ WPI, April 20th
  • Tribe, Letters To Cleo @ WPI, April 28th
  • Steady Earnest, the Allstonians, the High Hats @ WPI, April 30th
  • Shellac, Kustomized, Shorty, Brick Layer Cake @ White Eagle, Worcester MA, May ??

    Record Reviews

  • Bikini Kill - Pussy Whipped
  • Deth Specula - Weasels & Cream
  • Dive - Dive 7"
  • Hoover - The Lurid Traversal of Route 7
  • Huggy Bear - Taking The Rough With The Smooth
  • Ignition - Complete Services
  • Indian Summer - Repercussion 7"
  • MDC - Shades Of Brown
  • Native Nod - 7"
  • Rain Like The Sound Of Trains - Washington Bullets 7" & Bad Man's Grave 7"
  • Schwartzeneggar - Take Your Elbows Off The Table EP
  • Sinkhole - Groping for Trout
  • Snapcase - lookinglasself
  • Spitboy - Mi Cuerpe Es Mio
  • Steady Earnest - Out Of Line
  • Unwound - New Plastic Ideas
  • Coming Soon - Spitboy's new 7" (honest), American Ska-thic comp.
  • Soon - Shitloads of emo stuff (Heroin, 1.6 Band, Native Nod, Avail, Iconoclast)


  • Spitboy - from FenceClimber zine by Josh MacPhee
  • Skinhead Magnet - by Radiki Pretty Sneaky (
  • Think Tree - by Stephen Fosket (
  • Green Day - by Kelly Enriquez (kenrique@OCE.ORST.EDU) & Jen Gore (
  • Greg Graffin (Bad Religion) - by Kelly Enriquez (kenrique@OCE.ORST.EDU) & Cathy D.
  • Soon: Tribe (who will be breaking up after a final show at the Orphium)

    Upcoming shows:

    Shit! The show list has become long enough to get it's own page. Here is a link to the show page.

    Here are some cool links to other sites!


    Pics I will be adding a page with links to some pics of fugazi and rollins live in germany in 1989. Real Soon Now.

    Random Stuff

  • An article on The Cacophony Society
  • How To Build A Nuclear Bomb
  • The "Complete" Collection of Bart Simpson Chalkboard Quotes
  • Using Animal Blood To Make Flame Fuel
    pogo (